Membership is available free of charges to all
owners of non-residential Properties within the ATHCID
footprint, PLEASE see membership form below.

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ATHLONE CITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT promotes a vibrant, safe and clean urban environment for all!


ATHCID is a NPC (Non-Profit corporation) that is demarcated and registered in terms of the SRA (Special Rating Area) Policy and by-laws of the City of Cape Town. The funding is derived via a special levy from the Property Owners within the demarcated area. The demarcation currently comprises of the area hemmed in by Klipfontein Road, Jan Smuts Avenue, Aden avenue and the Railway Line on the West. However, in line with ATHCID's MOI (Memorandum of Incorporation) and its Implementation Plan, ATHCID also makes inroads into the surrounding areas through a Community Outreach Programme as part of its Social Upliftment initiatives. 

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Our Work

We work together with the Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme (MURP) of the Cape Town Municipality which is managed by Sub-Council 17. Our area falls within Ward 49 , represented by Ward Councillor, Rashid Adams. 


To prevent the degeneration of the Athlone CBD and consequential urban decay by facilitating upliftment across all facets of the area through the promotion and maintainance of a vibrant, clean and safe environment whilst stimulating economic growth and   sustainable development. 


David Morkel : Chairperson

David Huth : Vice-Chairperson

Mohamedali Dhansay : Treasurer

Mustaque Parker

Ismail Bagus

Richard Li


Membership is available free of charges to all
owners of non-residential Properties within the ATHCID footprint.


Join Us

Whether you are a shopper or a property owner/tenant or prospective investor or an interested and affected party new to  our cause and mission, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and interested parties. Together we can transform Athlone to surpass its former glory...

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